Say goodbye to our loved ones, it's not easy. In the process, many emotions are involved. At Kizuna Art Floral, we translate those emotions into "floral art" for farewells or funerals.

Kizuna Memorias - Rosas Blancas

To make sure that floral compositions match those loved ones, we want to help you. In addition, in these cases, our compositions are also focused on making that painful moment more a little more subtle for those who are left.

We make personalized delivery so you do not worry about anything else at that time.

At Kizuna, we believe that dismissing a loved one deserves great respect. For those who remain and for those who leave, we will face that moment with floral art and with much, much love. Each composition differentiates the traditional canons of funeral flower arrangement. In Kizuna Art Floral we have the art that everyone deserves for a very delicate moment.