Original ideas for your anniversary or celebration.

Kizuna Floral Art, Events Department.
Rent of boats, catamarans, tents or farmhouses.
Professional Photographers
Ilumination, Sound and Decoration.
Catering - Magnifique.

Kizuna Aniversario de ensueño - Mesa con decoración floral

Surprise your friends in your home with a Sushi Bar of the highest quality. Give your partner an unforgettable anniversary at the place of your choice: a private lounge, a catamaran or a tent in the middle of a forest. An exquisite romantic dinner for both or in the company of all your people. Without missing the smallest details. If you want special gifts for the guests, our staff-shopper will help you find the best ideas. You can also customize the event to your liking: oriental, hindu, vintage, trendy, glamm ... everything at your disposal so that on that night nothing is missing at all!

More than 15 years of experience in production and production of events, decoration with floral art and interior design, endorse us to offer you the anniversary of your dreams, for you and your partner or to share it with the people you want. Our team of experts and professionals will give you our support at all times so that you look and only you have ... enjoy. Tell us what your dreams are, we make them come true.